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As a long-time provider of title loan solutions in our community, we look for opportunities to let people know what Car Title Loans 123 is all about and how we can assist them in getting a loan. There are still some people out there who don’t know who we are or exactly how we work– but that’s why you’ll want our help when it comes time to get an emergency loan! About Our Company & ExpertiseMost people find on our site by accident or through a referral from a satisfied customer. We are car title lending specialists, and there for people that need financial help fast.


Car Title Loans 123 – Company History

Initially, we offered lending advice and financial resources to borrowers considering an online title loan. That was 10 years ago, and since then, our company’s focus has changed just as much as the lending environment! In 2021 we launched our online lending portal where you can apply for a secured loan on our website and get multiple payoff options and quotes within a few minutes. Of course, you can also apply directly over the phone or in person with any of our local agents. Car Title Loans 123 has lending offices in California, Arizona, & Texas, and we plan to offer additional walk in locations in 2023!


We Care About Our Customers & Clients

Many businesses shout about how much they care but provide customer service that does not back it up. We provide access to fast and easy car title loans, but we always treat our customers respectfully and honestly. We care about the people who take their time to submit applications to us hoping to receive a car title loan. Some customers come to us completely distraught and fear for their financial future because of an emergency situation. There is no better feeling than knowing we are in a position to help make their lives better.


Our Goal – Fast Title Loan Processing & Funding

In reality, we ask for so little to get your title loan funded. Our customer service team specialists will not ask for a dozen forms of identification, credit reports from around the world, or to have so much money they didn’t have the money in the first place. Bad credit title loans are our specialty because credit scores aren’t as important to us as the equity in your vehicle. A driver’s license and a vehicle that’s paid off will suffice as identification. Bottom line, you don’t need good credit or thousands of dollars in the bank to secure your auto title loan.

The most crucial piece of documentation you will need to present to Car Title Loans 123 is the vehicle title you are using as collateral. That title has to be in the name of the person applying for the loan. The amount of money we can lend will be directly relevant to the age, make, model, and condition of the vehicle listed on the title. So, don’t wait for a second longer to apply for a loan on your auto title today.


The Lending Specialists At Car Title Loans 123 Know How To Get Your Loan Approved

By submitting your car title when you apply for an auto title loan, you can secure a reduced interest online title loan. In an ideal situation, it’s straightforward because we take care of everything for you. With over 10 years of experience behind us, we can get you through the entire online loan process in under an hour. In addition, our title loans come with no credit checks and you get to keep driving your car for the duration of the loan. At Car Title Loans 123, you can be assured of fast and professional service that is confidential and we’ll treat you with respect. And if anything goes wrong along the way? No worries: You’ll always have our friendly support staff waiting around every corner to help you with any concerns or questions.

We strive to offer the fastest, easiest way to get approved for an online car title loan. Our application process features a few easy steps with minimal paperwork and underwriting requirements. Our company headquarters are in Los Angeles, CA, and we look forward to working with you.


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