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    Title Loans In Illinois With Cash In 24 Hours

    Use your car as collateral and get a title loan in Illinois with Car Title Loans 123. Apply online or over the phone at 844-567-5011, and we’ll give you a quick estimate detailing a loan amount and affordable repayment term. We offer fast online approvals for loan amounts reaching 10k or more! No standard credit check is required, and you can get approved within an hour.


    What Is Required For Auto Title Loans In Illinois

    We offer access to auto title loans in Illinois, and the best part is that you don’t need much to qualify. Unlike traditional unsecured loan offers that take weeks to get approval, you can get cash for your newer paid off vehicle as long as you’re the only owner and it’s owned free and clear. You will likely need to submit the following documents to our loan experts to get approved:

    -Proof of income (recent stub or direct deposit form that shows you have money coming in each month)

    -Proof of residence in Illinois (get an updated driver’s license at any DMV location in Chicago)

    -A vehicle that shows you’re the owner and sole titleholder (The vehicle needs to be paid off with no extra loans or liens, and you must have physical possession of the title).


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    How Does The Process Work To Get A Title Loan In Illinois?

    The process is quite simple, really – once you apply for a title loan online, you will hear back from our underwriting department within 15 minutes because we work all day, every day, to get you the money that you need. As soon as you are approved for a title loan in Illinois, the cash can be deposited into your account within 24 hours (faster for local clients in Chicago or Naperville). Most lenders will work with you to set the terms of repayment and title loan fees. There should be no additional finance charges, meaning you can keep your vehicle while making the monthly payments.

    We understand how difficult it can be to get cash with poor credit. So we’ve designed a straightforward application process where all you need to qualify is a lien free car title and proof of income. Fill out the Car Title Loans 123 online application, and we’ll get back to you quickly with your estimated loan amount and interest rate. Pick a repayment term and decide on how much money you want to borrow, and after that, we’ll schedule a quick inspection of your vehicle to confirm its resale value.

    This inspection can be completed in less than 30 minutes at any inspection location in Chicago. Lastly, you’ll sign the lending documents and let the lender know how you want the cash. Most customers will ask for the funds to be sent by ACH to their bank account, or you can pick them up in person from any local lender in Illinois!


    Auto Title Loans In Chicago, IL With Bad Credit

    A title loan is possible for anyone with poor credit, and you shouldn’t worry about your FICO score if there’s sufficient equity in your vehicle. At Car Title Loans 123, we offer competitive rates and flexible terms, which means the vehicle’s value determines your loan amount and not your credit history. Many of our applicants who apply for bad credit title loans are surprised to see how much they can borrow by using the equity in their vehicle as collateral for a loan!


    Apply With Car Title Loans 123 Today

    Car Title Loans 123 works with qualified customers throughout Illinois, and there’s a chance we can get you approved for a title loan with a local lender in less than one business day! Please apply online or call us at 844-567-5011 today.

    For residents of other states, it may be best to apply directly in the state where your car is titled. You’ll likely have much easier qualification requirements, and you can borrow a more significant amount of cash! We can help you get a title loan in Detroit with very minimal underwriting requirements, and we also offer quick estimates for title loans online in Indiana!  Apply with Car Title Loans 123 today!


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