Fast & Simple Online Title Loans In South Carolina


We now offer online title loans in South Carolina! Stop by our multiple locations and apply online today. The instant title loans we provide are a fast, easy, and reliable way to get the cash you need without borrowing from a bank or credit union. Anyone in South Carolina can get approved in one business day with a completely paid off vehicle acting as collateral. If you own your car outright and need quick cash for an unexpected expense, title loans could be just what you’re looking for.


What Do I Need To Know About Car Title Loans in South Carolina

Most borrowers looking for car title loans near them in cities such as Columbia, Charleston and Summerville know there are a few local lenders that accept in person applications. Palmetto State title lending services.But did you know it’s much easier to apply online and the time it takes to get funded is much less? That’s right, you can submit your paperwork and be finished with underwriting in less than 24 hours!

The requirements for a title loan in South Carolina are clear. Any licensed lender in the state will require some form of valid state identification and a vehicle title with no liens. The title loan requirements are fairly simple as long as you meet those requirements you will be on the way to getting title loans as soon as possible.

The majority of lenders offering fast online title loans actually work with a network of local South Carolina car title lenders that have partnered together to provide free ‘no obligation’ quotes through a network of loan offers. This means that you can instantly compare rates side by side from different title loan agencies across the entire state. When applying online for a title loan in Charleston or Rock Hill it is important not to skip this step because many companies have hidden fees that could cost you money at the last minute.


How Much Money Can I Get With An Online Title Loan In South Carolina

The funding amount available from an auto title loan entirely depends on the value of the car you are using to secure the loan. In some cases title loans can be transferred from one vehicle to another title loan account, this is called a rollover title loan and it is not an option at every title loan lender in South Carolina. Ultimately you can borrow around 30-60% of the car’s value and sometimes more if it passes inspection and is in pristine shape and condition.

When applying online for a title loan in SC, make sure you choose a reliable title lender that will provide a free quote on your actual title value, not a resale value that doesn’t accurately reflect the current vehicle price. This means you don’t need to go around town looking for quotes from different lenders because we have done this for you already with our network of local South Carolina title lenders.


I Have Bad Credit, Can I Still Get Cash From A South Carolina Title Loan Company

Bad credit doesn’t typically come up as a factor when borrowers are looking for an online title loan in South Carolina. That’s because lenders are looking at the vehicle value and condition, not your credit history. However, in some cases, a company that offers online title loans with no inspection may ask for a few references to make sure you are a good candidate for the title loan amount. They will also require an updated vehicle title, proof of insurance, and valid registration in SC before they can determine creditworthiness and interest rates. The amount you borrow may be limited because of past bankruptcies or if you have title loans in your past that resulted in a charge off.

If you are looking for the best and fastest quote in the Carolinas, be sure to submit an application with Car Title Loans 123! We’ll get started on your underwriting as soon as everything is submitted and you can contact our friendly customer service agents with any further questions.


Local title loan companies are now offering cash near you in SC!