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Getting a car title loan has never been easier. You can apply online or over the phone for Utah title loans and get approved fast. The helpful staff at Car Title Loans 123 is known throughout the country as one of the best resources for secured loans and now we offer online title loans in Utah as well. It’s easy to qualify for funding and the entire process takes less than an hour. Approved borrowers can expect their funds in less than one day and you don’t need good credit to qualify!


What Do I Need To Get Car Title Loans In Utah

– Proof of Utah residency (utility bills, Utah state ID, etc). The best bet to verify your identity is typically going to be an active state ID from Utah.

– Active checking account. A direct lender that funds online title loans can not deposit funds to an account that’s closed or inactive. Fees for returned checks after the loan has been funded might be charged and most title loan companies do not accept post dated checks under any circumstances. Also, you probably won’t be able to use a savings account as most lenders in Utah are firm when it comes to requiring checking accounts that have direct deposit.

– Title to a paid off car with no liens attached. If you have unsecured loans on your vehicle it will require a repo waiver from your lienholder and if you still owe money on your motor vehicle then we cannot help you at all. There are few exceptions depending upon the value of the vehicle but this decision is made by the loan processors and underwriters, therefore ask before applying and always think about other ways to get cash that involve using your vehicle as collateral!


Can I Get Approved For An Online Title Loan In Utah With Bad Credit

Yes, you can and in fact, the majority of people who apply for Utah title loans have bad credit and often turn to secured loans as a last option. If you have bad credit and want to get approved for a title loan in Utah then just submit your application online or call our toll-free number to get started.

There are no initial applications that require supporting documentation so you don’t need to fax anything and that’s true for standard secured loans as well as those for title loans with no job. We do not run credit checks with any bureaus because we know bad credit doesn’t mean you’re a risky borrower. It simply means you’ve had past issues paying your financial obligations or maybe even recently filed bankruptcy but this has nothing to do with your ability to repay the Utah auto title loan. Get started now by submitting an application online with Car Title Loans 123!


Provo UT has many lenders offering different APR's for title loans.

Does My Car Need To Be Paid Off & How Much Can Get With A Car Title Loan In Utah

If your car is paid off and you haven’t filed for bankruptcy within the last 7 years then Car Title Loans 123 can help you. Car title loans in Utah are not considered high risk because a lender uses your vehicle as collateral and if you don’t repay they simply repossess it and sell it to recoup the losses. This is not an ideal situation and you want to do whatever is possible to work with a lender if there’s a chance you can make the monthly payment. Also, there are title lending regulations in Utah that regulate what a licensed lender can do if you miss payments or face a situation where the vehicle has been repossessed.

Loan amounts vary depending on the value of the motor vehicle being used as collateral but most applicants in UT get approved for $2,000 or more. Now if you live in Metro Salt Lake City or St George you may be able to shop around with neighborhood finance companies to see if you can possibly borrow more cash, and also get a better rate and finance term. Applying for a title loan online is great, but shopping around for higher loan amounts in Salt Lake City or Provo can lead to a situation where you can easily borrow more than $2,000 with a title loan.


How Fast Can I Get Money With A Utah Vehicle Title Loan

It’s possible to get the cash that very same day with a Utah title loan and you can be approved in as little as 30 minutes if you’re able to visit the nearest lender location within the state. It may be easier to find a local title loan company if you live in Salt Lake County versus smaller areas like Orem or Logan UT. For those in rural locations, it may be easier to do everything completely online even though you may need to wait one business day to get your money. The application process for online title loans is fast and we’ve hand selected a handful of direct lenders in Utah to ensure they are capable of offering quick approval, but still give you a competitive rate on your secured loan.

If your vehicle is completely paid off and you own it free and clear then there is no reason you can’t fund your Utah title loan within 24 hours. Some applicants will need more than one business day depending upon their situation, but this would be handled by either calling or emailing the customer service team at Car Title Loans 123 for more information about how long funding might take for your situation.

To apply over the phone call toll free at 1-844-567-5011 or visit Car Title Loans 123 when you’re ready to get started on the online application.

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