What Is A Title Loan Repossession & How Does It Work

People take out online car title loans to pay for emergency expenses, and they often never consider the possibility of falling behind and having their vehicle repossessed. But any time you take out a secured loan, you risk defaulting on the payments and losing your vehicle. Not only that, but your credit will take a hit because of the repossession, and you may still owe the lender for any outstanding balance!

A title loan repossession is a legal process lenders use to reclaim vehicles that have defaulted on the lending terms. This confiscation differs from other forms because it does not use banks or other financial institutions but equity lending companies. A lender has every right to repossess your vehicle when you default on a title loan, but they must follow state and federal laws.


Title Loan Repossession Laws To Know

Multiple federal and state laws regulate title loan repossessions and what a lender can do after they take possession of the vehicle. Consider the following if a title loan company is threatening to take your vehicle because you've defaulted on the loan:


- What can your lender do if you default on the payments

- How to avoid having your vehicle repossessed.

- How to get your vehicle back.

- What happens if your car is sold at auction?


Anyone considering an online title loan should understand the risks of using a vehicle as collateral for a loan. Imagine if you took out a rideshare driver loan and lost your vehicle! Or what happens if you need your car to get to work each day?


Steps To Avoid A Title Loan Repossession

- Never miss a monthly payment. By staying current, you avoid the risk of loan default. Pay off the loan quicker by making all required payments and avoiding late fees.

- Communicate with your lender. Tell them if you can't make any required payments and work out an alternate arrangement. For example, a title loan company in Austin, TX, will work with you to reduce the monthly payments and lower the APR.

- Do not skip any payments, and check your monthly statements for accuracy. There are all kinds of scenarios where a lender or 3rd party finance company makes an inaccurate notification of your account.

- Pay off the loan immediately and find a lender that offers no pre-payment penalty. Repay your loan early to get your vehicle back and avoid the high rates typical at the back end of the loan.


Alternatives To A Repossession

Reach out to your lender if you cannot make a payment. They may work with you to create a new payment plan or extend your due date. Also, consider refinancing your title loan or see if a company will buy out the existing loan.

A refinance can be a huge benefit for someone looking to get their APR down to a manageable level or reduce the time it takes to pay off the loan! It would be best to consider contacting a company offering a title loan buyout service. When a lender buys out your current loan, they pay the original loan company, and you can start fresh with a whole new lending arrangement.


A repossessed vehicle being towed away


What Happens Your Car Is Repossessed By A Lender

Once your vehicle has been repossessed, the lender has to follow specific title loan laws in your state. These laws limit how long a lender or 3rd party collection agency has to repo your car and what they need to do after possessing the vehicle. Most importantly, these laws protect you from being harassed by lenders or collection agencies.

Online title loan lenders often have 45 days to notify you that your vehicle has been repossessed. After the notification period, they can sell the car at auction and use those funds to settle any outstanding loan balance.


Getting Your Car Back After A Title Loan Repossession

Work with your lender on a repayment plan to get the vehicle back after it's been repossessed. The most likely solution to get your vehicle back will always involve paying the total amount owed. Your lender must legally tell you your car's exact title loan value and how much money you owe to get the vehicle back. This includes the amount due from missed monthly payments and additional fees for when your car was stored at a towing facility.


What Else To Know About A Car Title Loan Repo

Any way you break it down, a title loan repossession amounts to a worst-case scenario when you initially inquire about taking out a loan. The fact is that any licensed lender can legally take possession of your vehicle and sell it at auction after the specified notification period has elapsed.

Contact Car Title Loans 123 if you're dealing with a vehicle repossession. We'll work with you to get the vehicle back!


Susannah Harmon