Can I Get A Car Title Loan With A Salvage Title?


We have people applying all the time for salvage title loans, and often they think they may not get much cash or even be approved because, unlike a clean and clear vehicle title, they are applying with a salvage title. But in some cases, you may be able to get cash for the equity in your vehicle, even if that car has a rebuilt or salvage title. Let’s identify ways you can be approved for a title loan and the different types of car titles.


What Is A Salvage Title Loan And How To Get One

An insurance company assigns a salvage title to a vehicle previously labeled a total loss. In most scenarios, these cars are damaged to the extent that they require extensive repairs. The cost of repairing the car is more than it would be worth at market value – resulting in a total loss for the vehicle owner.

Salvage vehicles are often sold to dismantlers or junkyards where their parts can be used on other cars. To transfer ownership from an insurance company to you, the policyholder, a state will issue a “rebuilt” title. When you have a salvage title, you have a vehicle that still runs but is likely worth far less than what it would be with a normal car title or “pink slip.” The good news is that salvage titles and even rebuilt titles still carry value and can always be used to show equity for online title loans. The amount you qualify for or borrow may be lower than expected. However, low mileage, newer vehicles with a salvage title can still net you thousands of dollars with a title loan online.


How To Get Approved For A Salvage Title Loan

With short term car title loans, there isn’t much information needed when applying, and that’s still the case when you have a salvage title.

When applying with Car Title Loans 123, we will first request proof of the actual title. Of course, your title is either rebuilt or salvaged, but it still shows you are the owner of the vehicle and will reflect any current liens or active loans against the title. Besides the title, we require you to present proof of current insurance on the vehicle.

Once we have those items, you can apply for a no-obligation salvage title loan with us and find out how much cash you qualify for. The next thing is that if your car has any problems or issues, it will not affect the amount you are approved for on a title loan – but it will affect what kind of interest rate and loan amount is available for your situation.


Expect a lower amount of cash when you take out a title loan with a salvage vehicle


Can I Qualify For A Salvage Title Loan With Bad Credit

Bad credit is common for people who apply for car title loans, and most lenders won’t even run a traditional credit check. You may assume that because your vehicle has a salvage title then, you’ll be diagnosed with having bad credit, which means you will have high interest rates, but our online application doesn’t ask about your credit score, so don’t worry about having low or bad credit. We only need proof of the car title, proof of your current insurance, and your driver’s license.


What Vehicle Do You Need To Apply For A Loan With A Salvage Title

You can apply for a salvage title loan with Car Title Loans 123 on any vehicle you own that has a salvage title – including newer low mileage cars and trucks, motorcycles, and RVs. Similar to when you apply for a typical auto title loan or RV title loan, anything that has equity and can serve as collateral for your loan will qualify and get you quickly approved. Our online application doesn’t ask about the condition of your salvage or rebuilt car title, but that may be something that comes up during the underwriting phase.


How Much Money Can I Get With Salvage Title Loans

The amount of money you can get for a car title loan will often be higher than what’s available from a loan with a salvage title. But that doesn’t mean it’s a small amount. People turn to title loans to get more money than what’s typical with a payday loan or even a personal loan and that’s still true on loans for salvage title cars. The average amount you can expect to get with salvage title loans will be around 40-55% of the vehicle’s resale value. So let’s say you have a rebuilt or salvage car worth $6,000. In a normal situation, you may be able to get $3,000 from a licensed title loan company.


How Long Will An Auto Title Loan Last With A Salvage Title?

The short answer is that you can get a title loan for as long as you need to – whether it’s four months, a year, or more! Title loan lenders don’t require any pre-payment on your car title loan before maturity, so you can make monthly payments or wait until the end of the term to pay off the balance. There is of course, interest that is charged with your salvage title loan, but these rates are in line with what you would see from other companies who offer title loans online.


A damaged vehicle can still qualify as collateral for a salvage title loan.

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